The following article was written by a beautiful friend of mine who has six young children and who is passionate about bringing the dignity and beauty of woman to the forefront of our hearts and minds.

This article is more great affirmation that the Holy Spirit is speaking deeply to women and is speaking about their great role in bringing peace and life to this broken world.



“Why ain’t a boy in a hundred gets to whitewash an illustrious fence like this one,”
The infamous Tom Sawyer spoke intently, baiting the first of many friends who passed by his lousy post, convincing them to exchange their prized possessions for an opportunity to do his dirty work.

 Author Mark Twain narrates, “He had discovered a great law of human action, without knowing it -- namely, that in order to make a man or a boy, covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to attain.”

 The rapidly approaching presidential election reflects this dark principle of human nature. By exploiting a cause, one can run on an appalling record and still influence votes. After all, in order to make a girl or a woman covet a thing, it is only necessary to tell her a man can do it.

Our Commander-in-Chief, during the debate on domestic affairs, pledged to do all he can to afford woman the same opportunities as men. He asserted, woman in our country and around the world have been subject to grave injustices. Woman like Lily Ledbetter who worked many years making less money than her male equivalent without justice and well deserved recognition had top billing.

The media conversation in the days following the debate centered on what they called the war on women. Hearing the countless horror stories on the news of so many nameless women who have been denied pay, protection and sadly, dignity, are impossible and impermissible to ignore. We grieve that women in our own backyard have starved to feed their families, have been objectified and abandoned. War has been waged and Americans know they cannot sit idly by. America needs a pro-women candidate and Barack Obama is confident he is the guy.

His bold response to the inequality:  More contraception:  mandatory coverage for all. Stopping at nothing to ensure every prescription is filled and every womb empty because all of our womanly woes obviously stem from a lack of available contraception.

As woman we have suffered many fates at the hand of this illustrious pill. Yet, our government wants us to open wide to swallow yet another dose of deception. Is this the revolution American women have been longing for? Do we need protection from our threatening reproductive systems, our broken bodies that every month do this crazy thing called ovulate. Are we really that naïve?

The pill our president peddles is not only detrimental to our health but to our society at large. Over the last century our country has endured a rapid moral decline; one that not-so-coincidentally coincides with the wide-spread availability of the pill. American women are smart enough to understand the correlation but sufficiently terrified of their own femininity to ignore it.

The readily available statistics of the abuse and objectification of women and families in America are staggering. Is it not enough that more than half the women in America are without spouses, half the children live without at a father or a mother in their home, and millions of innocent children are ripped from their mother’s wombs when the cure-all first line of defense fails?

There is war on women. Femininity is being assaulted by those that claim who we are made to be as women, is simply not good enough.

Take a look in the mirror, ladies. Seriously take a long, deep, gaze at your bare outline. 

Now take a second look, beyond the shame and unrealistic expectations about what the world tells you your femininity ought to resemble. This time, what do you see?

Behold, the glorious feminine frame, curves, breasts and the intricate lines that cover our most captivating capacity- our ability to nurture life. You are beautiful!

Femininity is not a disease, it is privilege. We don’t need a cure, or the hollow and dangerous promises that come at a devastating cost to our very nature as women. We do not want to hand over our most prized possession, the truth of our femininity, to partake in a dirty agenda. We can no longer pretend to be something we are not. Who we are is undeniably etched in our existence. We are worth infinitely more. Why ain’t every girl in a hundred liberated by this truth.

C.D. 2012



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