Strength and Grace

I had to write about a beautiful image I saw today.

While at Mass this morning, I noticed a police officer in full uniform who had his son sitting on his lap. His son was turned and facing him and the officer eyed his son with deep delight and delicacy. While listening to the homily, his son was tracing the outline of the police decals on his father's shirt with his little hand and was lost in the strength of his father's protection and gaze. It was a tender and beautiful sight.

I was thinking of how this man, bearing authority in his full uniform, sees some of the worst of humanity. He has probably seen things he would rather forget and this man most likely puts his life on the line very often to protect the safety of the community. And yet in all his strength, he gazes upon the son in his lap and holds him so tenderly and with great love.

It reminded me of God our Father. Our Father, the Creator and Ruler of all, is not far and distant in His authority. He created each of us with great tenderness and delight. As we sit upon His lap, He gazes upon us intently with love while he holds us in His arms. We are always welcome there in His lap. He is never "too busy" for us.

May we always find our resting place in the Father, from whom all blessings flow....

Happy Sunday


Rochelle said…
What a lovely, moving post! I've shared it on my own blog.
Alane said…
Thank you so much, Sister. :)

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