Fr. Santan Pinto, SOLT 1948-2011

It is with a heavy and incredulous heart that I post the news that our beloved Father, Fr. Santan Pinto, died suddenly in a car accident after just arriving for a home visit in India. Apparently, Fr. Pinto was the passenger in a car that was struck and he died instantly. A Bishop in India, the Bishop of Belgaum, has contacted our community and confirmed this sorrowful news. Fr. Pinto's funeral will be tomorrow in India.

It's interesting, you know, after just posting Father's Christmas message yesterday and then posting the clip by Fr. Barron about the true nature of Advent, we never know when God will take us home.

The media and secular society loves to mock celibacy and the priesthood but it's easy to see that Fr. Pinto has more spiritual children than those people ever will. God will not be mocked. Father was a priest who was faithful to the end, who loved God more than anything and made countless sacrifices for his many spiritual children.

To say that he will be missed here in earth is a huge understatement but we know now that Father is Home, where he has been longing to go for many years. He is reunited with his mother and father and now his real work begins. We can count on his prayers in a very powerful way.

Perhaps we can ask ourselves, what will our lives say about us at the end? I just read that atheist and author of God Is Not Great, Christopher Hitchens, died yesterday as well after a battle with cancer. Perhaps he found out that God is indeed great and the Lover of our souls.

What a contrast of the lives of these two men. One spent his days telling others about the love of God and the other spent his days telling people that God did not exist. What will our daily actions say about us? Are we ready to go home? Are we still playing games?

"The patience of the Lord is directed toward salvation" 2 Peter 3:15

"I have fought the good fight and I have finished the race." St. Paul's letter to Timothy (2: Tim 4:7) (and now Fr. Pinto)

Father Pinto, we love you more than words can say. We will miss you here on earth and we weep at this time. But we are happy for you. We will pray for your soul, please pray for us.


Anonymous said…
There are no words. I am filled with unmeasurable praise to God for allowing my family to have been touched by this man.

May he rest in peace.

Nellie Serna
Anonymous said…
I received an email from him the day before yesterday saying that I would always be his spiritual daughter and that he would love me for the entirety of my life and walk with me on the journey. He is so beloved here on Earth and now with his dearest Jesus and Mary.
MEMORY ETERNAL...he was an AMAZING servant of God...thanks be to God for the gift he was to so many, including me.
Fr. Ed Roche, SOLT said…
Fr. Pinto, as we all know, manifested great spirit, many virtues, talents, and charisms. He was also prophetic. There may be a double meaning to his Christmas letter, but it even begins with this phrase -- "I am sending this Christmas email out early because I am not sure if I will be able to send an email to you for Christmas in time." His blessed soul will certainly more than 'rest in peace,' it already shouts for joy and sings, and more....
Fr. Ed Roche, SOLT, Mexico, hoping to work in India soon, too.
Melissa said…
Sister Miriam:

After reading Fr. Pinto's Christmas message I can see the love for Christ and his personal holiness shining through. Our Lord must have been brimming with Joy to have Fr. Pinto home. Thank you for sharing a small piece of him with me:+)

Pax et bonum:+)
Ricardo and Anna Saenz said…
Father Pinto officiated over the mass for the funeral of our mother Jeova Saenz just 2 weeks ago in Bosque New Mexico. He gave the most eloquent and inspiring oration about Jeova which we will will never forget. We have lost an exceptional and beautiful man who will be seriously missed. We offer our sincere condolences.
jacqueline leigh said…
Father left a message on my phone on thanksgiving, after I had requested to hear from him before he or I goes....Gods love is great...frPinto, has been there to pray and help quide me in my life for many many years. I am happy he can return to his heavenly family, and know he is still with us....Thankyou holy trinity for the gifts....
bouy said…
Life is like a library owned by the author;
In it are a few books which he wrote himself,
but most of them were written for him.
~Harry Emerson Fosdick

Saan uncle, I will always remember you .......
rox said…
this was heart wrenching news !
Fr. Pinto was such a very very dedicated fellow.
I truly know and beleive without his love and the DJM ministry I would never have truly healed from childhood abuse . I still stary alot but the DJM andFr. Pinto are always at the foundation which bring me back ☺
I shall pray for the grace to focus on the joy in that he now has truly returned home . what a wonderful winderful soul he is ☺
rox said…
also I wonder if his body will be laid to rest in America sine he became an American citizen ?
Anonymous said…
Never felt such a loss for words. Thank you for your blessing for Me and My Family before you left to walk with God... Be at peace and know that you are missed by the ones that will soon follow you Home... I will see you again Sir!

James Jordan and Family
Neighbor to the DJM Ranch Retreat.
Last Jan 5, 2011, our daughter Gianna died. Two months later, a friend went to Confession with Fr. Pinto and received a message from Fr. for ME:

"Tell her....

Pick up your Cross every day - and do so with joy.

Walk with Me.

I only call those who deeply love me to suffer.

Draw closer.

Only I (Jesus) can fill the voids you feel and experience. No one else can. You are a vessel of my love - you are a living tabernacle for Him, our Father.

Your happiness comes from WITHIN and when I (Jesus) am in your heart. It is not external.

Witness to all around you, especially your family, of my great Love.

Be My witness.

Many are called the Light of the World.
You are one of them.
Let my (Jesus') Light and Love shine.

And lastly, ask me (Jesus) and Mary for help, I am always here.

You are well loved by HIM. (God)

And use this often "JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!""
Jay said…
thank you fr. pinto for baptizing me and welcoming me in to this beautiful world. rest in peace. i will love you forever. please watch me from the heavens and love me forever. wait for me in the heavens.

bella storlid 9yrs old
Terelyn said…
I use to call Fr Pinto, "Papa R", for he was always relentless in teasing me and giving me many opportunities to pratice the virtue of humility. There are people who come into your life,God sent, and because of their prayers, example, teachings, and formation, you become a "new person" in Christ. I would not have had the understanding and courage to come back to the Catholic Church if it wasn't for Fr Pinto's influence in my life. God used him to help pull me out of the pit. There are no words that can express the profound gratitude I have for his loving service to me and all his DJM spiritual children. I will miss you Papa "R", Dust on a Flea's back. With love, Piece of Cloth, Terelyn
Carolyn in Louisiana said…
Thank you, dear Lord, for sharing him with us. As are many others, I am forever changed by meeting him, and I am so glad he is in Your arms now to rest.
Anonymous said…
Words cannot express how much you will be missed. You were very special, and more than a father to us. I thank God for bringing you into our lives. I love you so much. Rest in peace.

Anonymous said…
I wish I had known him better. We were told that he would be laid to rest tomorrow at 4p there in India.

God bless everyone whose lives he touched so deeply.
padrevsolt said…
Dear Sister, Thank you for your loving tribute to Fr. Santan on your blog today and on your interview at EWTN. We love you!
Fr. Vince
BookMomma said…
Beautifully written Sister! Thank you.
Anonymous said…
I needed help, and God sent me to you. I am forever grateful. I know your still here for us more than ever...
Anonymous said…
One time I found something Father ahd written on the Internet. I was at a very, very low point in my life, pondering suicide. For some reason I decided to call him and he answered the phone, and spent a good amount of time on the phone with me and I felt much better, much more hopeful, after our talk. He put me in touch with some folks in my area who are part of the DJM apostolate. The comment the woman made who I spoke with said it was very rare to just call and be able to speak with him - God gave me a great grace that day. May Father rest in the peace of Christ, and for all who were close to him, may God give you consolation and peace.
Robyn lisa said…
This man was special...he touched the lives of so many including myself & family members, miraculously...I will hold his faith & love of God in me look into those eyes you saw pure peace, knowledge & goodness. Fr. Pinto , thank life changed by your friendship & your amazing gift
Rest in Peace,
Robyn lisa said…
Thank you Father Pinto for all your special gifts. My family and I will hold you in our hearts forever and we will never forget you.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Sister Miriam James,
Fr. Santan Pinto is prayed for and is being asked for his intercession for family away from the church. Our dear Bella, my granddaughter, was baptized by Fr. 13 yrs ago Last July. When she was told she dropped to the floor crying, then ran upstairs and locked the bathroom door. She cried so hard she had an asthma attack. She is okay now after she calmed down.. She has been having doubts about her faith. I know Fr. keeps her and all of us special in his prayers, now even more. I miss you Papa Pinto. I know that my Papa and Mama welcomed you home with may others who were waiting for you.
your little rosemary in Portland, OR
Dr. Cajetan Coelho said…
Respectful farewell to Fr Santan Pinto. May the Giver of life grant him eternal bliss. Wishing strength and courage to all his loved ones world wide.

Dr. Cajetan Coelho
Erika said…
Dear Fr. PInto. Words cant express the love and gratitude in our hearts for having known you. You've been such a true friend to Paul and I and our lives are transformed because of it. We are confident of your prayers for all of us in heaven. May God abundantly reward your faithfulness and service to Him and His Church. We love you Father.
Unknown said…
You left an enormous void. We wil miss you so much. You will always be in my heart. Rest in peace dear Father Pinto in the Kingdom of your Father.
Anonymous said…
Fr. Pinto was my Novice Master 2002-3. though I didn't take vows after the novitiate, he kept in touch and continued encouraging me in pursuit of the Call to the Priesthood. He was a true Father who not only guided me in the spiritual life but in life itself. Mother Mary was always at his side guiding and directing me but numerous others. I know that he is now with Mary fathering all his spiritual children to our Lord Jesus. Fr. Pinto intercede for us! Father Pinto pray for us! Fr. Pinto intercede thru Mary to Her Son Jesus to make us into His true image and likeness, always and forever!
Kathy DJM said…
To our beloved Father, friend and beloved,

You have impacted thousands of souls by introducing us to the most holy Trinitarian love. Shortly all of us will be united with you and all of the heavenly hosts. Your most loving spiritual daughter, Kathy, DJM N.C.
Father Harold said…
Fr. Pinto will long be remembered for his witness to us whenever he came to Maryhill renewal Center in Pineville, LA. He brought us the love of God and Jesus' gentle healing touch and the prophetic words of the Holy Spirit.
well done good and faithful servant and intercede now for us at the Throne of Mercy.
Fr. Harold Imamshah
Servant of Mary for Jesus
I praise and thank God for Fr. Pinto's life, for his teaching, and for sharing his relationship with Jesus and Mary with us. May he intercede for us all so that we can have the grace to live in a close relationship with Jesus and Mary as well, so that we who are left here with life to live still on earth can bless others with the light and love of Christ. And may we meet him for a joyful homecoming when our time comes.
Fr. Pinto, pray for us!
Anonymous said…
We thank God for Fr. Pinto. I am sure he is praying for all of us now. Thank you Fr. for being a bright witness to Jesus always.
Lorraine Cotter said…
I remember Fr. Solt saying he was going to spend his Advent in prayer and reflection. It comforts me to know he will spend Christmas in Heaven. Rest in peace Fr.Solt
Tim and Mary Porter said…
Sadly missed by his Disciples and friends in Ireland.
Anonymous said…
I was his neighbour in the fifties in Belgaum India where he went to school at St.Paul's.. MAY HE REST IN PEACE
Fr. Santan Pinto and I were very good friends. We studied together as Jesuits and when he left the Society of Jesus and joined SOLT - I was happy for him.

I live in San Francisco and lost touch with Fr.Santan Pinto the last five years or so. For sometime I continued receiving the SOLT newsletter and was very proud of the spiritual work conducted by Fr. Santan Pinto.

As human beings those of us that knew him - and I knew him very well in the Noviate at Belgaum, India and later in Pune, India where he studied Philosophy. His mother was very close to me and so was his only sister - Patsy.

He is now - where he sees everything - and is in the best place to watch over us. An angel in heaven and close to God Himself.

May his soul rest in peace.

Francisco Da Costa
San Francisco, California
MM said…
To the person from Portland who spoke with Father at the lowest point in your life, never lose the faith that Father Pinto helped you regain. For you and those who will find this who never had a chance to meet him, Father Pinto was truly a prophet. God used him in some of the most miraculous ways which will never be known. I was witness to a couple of them and have heard countless first hand accounts of the wonders God the Father worked through His most humble servant. He baptised all 3 of my children but during that of my first son a miracle occurred which needs to be recorded.

My wife was not Catholic at the time of this baptism but was privately contemplating conversion. She feared she would dishonor her parents or her upbringing if she did become Catholic. Father just happened to be in Portland when we were looking to have our son baptised and he was giving a talk at a parish is Sherwood. We had no idea what was going to be discussed as we were not DJMs nor did those who attended know a baptism was going to be performed at mass. It was an amazing event in which Father asked each and every person to lay hands on my son as they approached the alter. Afterwards, I was talking with my wife when a complete stranger came up to us and handed my wife a St. Patrick's rosary. He said he never traveled with this particular one but that God had told him that morning that he needed to give it to someone with the following message that day. The message from God to my wife was "Your baby son claims you for the Catholic church." My son's name is Patrick. We don't talk much about that event and only my wife will ever know just how special that moment was for her as she did indeed convert shortly thereafter.

We were so blessed to have known Father Pinto and I believe the world will come to know him more after his passing than they did during his life. It's our job to now live the life of Christ Father Pinto longed for us to learn.
michele said…
I was shocked to hear the news about Fr. Pinto. Please pray for us all Father. Please pray for the intention I sent you via e-mail on Dec. 9.

Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry sister. I pray for the healing of your heart as well as the ones who love him.
Vanessa Torres said…
I miss Fr. Pinto dearly. Words cannot express the love in my heart for such a beautiful soul as him. I pray my heart becomes more like his and of course like our savior Jesus Christ.
Marietta said…
Shocked I was to read about the passing away of our beloved priest cousin Fr Santan.I have been in the US the past six years and made several attempts to contact him,never did I succeed.This news has left an empty space which never will be filled.May his soul RIP and I am sure he will be there for us when ever we call on him.
Anonymous said…
I too went on the net to search for Fr. Santan Pinto & was speechless to know that he had passed away. I knew him as a teenager that went into adulthood. When he went to America he use to write to me telling me the news about spirituality & the way people were real good to him & then somehow I think we lost connection. Now going thro' all my old letters I found just one of his, I opened it & it seems like y/day. All I can do now is pray for his soul to rest in peace. I never forgot his birthday which was on the 13th of Sept & always said a little prayer for him. I will always love you & miss you. God rest your soul in peace.
Anonymous said…
Five years now have passed since our beloved Father Santan Pinto passed on to immortality. This is the first year that I have not cried on this anniversary. I suppose that's all part of the stages of grief; I don't know. But I do know that I will continue to miss him every day and look forward to seeing him once again in Paradise.

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