Glee Is Killing Me....

How can a TV show that I don't even watch irk me so? I get tired of seeing all the headlines about this musical show, watched by many elementary and middle aged students, continually destroying boundaries of dignity and decency.

A few weeks ago, the show, set in a high school, apparently featured a young gay "couple" and a heterosexual couple both deciding whether they should sleep together for the first time.

Now the show will feature a new episode with the girl cast singing Katy Perry's song "I Kissed A Girl, (and I liked it)".

One website promotes the new show as such, "They’ve always been known for pushing the envelope, and the “Glee” cast members have once again outdone themselves with a provocative new performance. Santana and Rachel (Naya Rivera & Lea Michele) have a fabulous and flirty time with Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” much to the delight of their male classmates. As the song progresses, Quinn, Brittany, Mercedes, and the rest of the gang join in for a female gender-empowering anthem."

Female gender-empowering anthem? To the delight of their male classmates?

Are you kidding me?

When I speak to parent groups, one thing I like to share with them is that they need to know what their kids are watching on TV. This requires a bit of effort on the part of parents and a willingness to stand guard over the hearts, minds and souls of their children. The agenda being pushed by mainstream society is one of introducing destructive behavior to younger and younger people and billing it as "normal and healthy." This is a toxic lie and it is wreaking havoc on our young people.

Some people might say, "oh, come on, Sister, this show is realistic, a lot of young people are gay and everyone knows that teenagers can't say no and often sleep around. You are just archaic and oppressive with your right-wing conservative religion."

I disagree completely. We go back, once again, to the beginning of our origins and God's plan for man and woman. Man and woman were made to be a gift to one another in a covenanted, life-giving relationship. Their union is called to be an icon of God's unconditional love for us. The misuse of our sexuality never produces good fruit and we need to really look at this reality and be intentional in our pursuit of what is good, true and beautiful.

Are we really going to stand by quietly and let our kids find out about masculinity and femininity from magazines, pop music and TV shows?

We must use the gift of discernment. We must have dialogues with our young people about what they are seeing on TV and the lies that society is telling them. We cant move our family out to the Himalayas and pretend there is no such thing as sin, anymore than we can just let our kids unabashedly submerge themselves into the often toxic media. We must teach them how to critically think and remind them from where they came and where they are going.

All of us came from heaven and will hopefully go back there. The deepest desire of our hearts is ordered, life-giving and eternal love. Anything less than this fails to satisfy.

Glee might feature talented singers and dancers, physically beautiful young people and an exciting format, but the underlying agenda is ugly, indeed.


Anonymous said…
Thanks Sr Miriam James,

I'm from Australia and studying to be a primary school teacher.
I am grateful for this article on Glee. You are right.
Unfortunately, Good Christian Bitches is about to start airing on free TV here. It would be great if you could do a post on it some time.
With my prayers and thanks!!
Anonymous said…
Hey Sister!
Are you familiar with Father Mike Schmitz's homilies? Here is the link to them. I have found them SO helpful. Maybe some of your readers might find them helpful.
Paige said…
I wrote a post on the Glee episode where the couples decided to sleep together. I was so appalled! My husband and I were out to dinner and I couldn't stop talking about it.
Thanks for your take!

Paige @ S'aint Easy
Melissa said…
How is violating and degrading your feminine genius "uplifting" in any way? How is contributing to men's lust and objectification of women "delightful?" Do these writers shut off their brains?

Wow...when the lost are lost they are reeeeaaallllly LOST. Good news is that evil and the impure usually self-destruct pretty quickly. How a parent could let their child watch this is beyond me. We've got a lot of work to do out there, huh? Perfect atmosphere for saints to abound! Praise God!
Anonymous said…
What do you do if your dad and older sister(25 years old) whatch Glee? and friends?
if your friends and family watch Glee, it might end up being a good starting place for a conversation about the show and why they like it. Perhaps then you can approach some of the themes in the show and see if they notice them and then share in a loving way why you choose not to watch the show and the harm that it promotes.

Just a thought- thanks for posting!

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