Fr. Robert Barron Is Awesome.....

 I am late on the draw on promoting the awesome work of Fr. Robert Barron, but better late than never! Fr. Barron, a prolific teacher and writer, has recently produced an incredible media project on the truth of our faith that was made into a series called Catholicism.

Check out Fr. Barron's website here.

Lend your support, pray for him and his mission and pass it on!


Melinda Renee said…
We're showing his Catholicism series to our confirmande, it's great! Love it!!
Anonymous said…
I watched one episode at my in-laws. It was amazing. I just bought the whole series for my wife. Fr. Barron is amazing.
Betsy Longoria said…
AMEN! We're using the Catholicism series in our parish AFF. Now I know it is possible for the apologetics and history of our faith to be informative, stimulating, compelling, challenging, and, yes, even BEAUTIFUL to the senses!

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