Vatican Prepares To Sue Benetton Over Deplorable Image..

The Vatican is preparing legal action against the Italian company Benetton after the company used the Holy Father's image in a manipulated photo showing him kissing a prominent Islamic imam.

Read the full story here.

I will not post the image because it's disturbing and unnecessary but I would like to explore the company's response to the outcry.

The clothing company is featuring an ad campaign entitled "Unhate" and other images show US President Barack Obama kissing Chinese President Hu Jintao, other images feature leading figures kissing one another.

But get this, regarding the image of the Holy Father, Benetton released this statement, "we are sorry that the use of the image had so hurt the sensibilities of the faithful ... The point of this campaign was solely to battle the culture of hate in all its forms."

oh....right.....what a surprise that manipulating the image of the Holy Father to show him in a homosexual kiss would "hurt the sensibilities of the faithful."

Are you kidding me? Come on, people. This is no innocent campaign.

Why the homosexual kiss? If Benetton really wanted to show "Unhate" there are obviously endless ways this could be done in a respectful and life-giving manner. This is no accident.

Why is it that the mainstream media considers acceptance of homosexual behavior the supreme act of tolerance and love?

There are many people who suffer the trials of same-sex attraction. Just like there are many people who suffer from drug addiction, sexual abuse and pornography addiction. Those who suffer from these deep wounds are called to be treated with compassion and kindness, for God has mercy upon us all and comes to seek and save what is lost.

However, there is a huge difference between suffering from an attraction or addiction vs embracing a lifestyle.

This is where people get really, really upset. People will probably hate me for writing these things but before you freak out and called me homophobic, I would like you to appeal to reason (not emotion) and ask the Holy Spirit to come and fill you with truth.

Mainstream media says, "if you feel like doing something, do it. The only things holding you back are your archaic religious practices and outdated modes of thinking there is right and wrong."

This whole issue, especially in regard to homosexual behavior, has been clouded by men and women accepting birth control at large. For if sexual union can be thwarted from it's life-giving impetus to the sole pursuit of pleasure, then what's so wrong with people of the same sex seeking that pleasure?

We must go back to the very roots and foundation of our being. We are made in the image and likeness of God- which means that we are created in and for life-giving love. We learn from John Paul II's work on Theology of the Body that true love is free, total, faithful and fruitful. When our relationships do not or cannot include these four realities, true love is lacking and withers into selfish, self-seeking gratification.

Let us honestly look at what rampant sexual encounters and endless birth control have brought us. There is more "sex" promoted in society than ever before, so let us ask ourselves- are we authentically happier? is there more respect for life, especially the unborn? has respect for women increased and violence against women decreased? Has the number of STDs risen or fallen in the last 50 years? Are men more responsible for their actions or less responsible? Have the number of abortions increased or decreased? Which group of men has the highest rate of HIV infection?

Think about it.

God is our loving Father who wants us to be authentically and eternally happy. He knows that cutting ourselves off from life-giving love and embracing a life of addiction or empty sexual encounters will not make us happy and will only fill us with despair, darkness and shame.

We are made for more. If you live this kind of life-style or have tendencies toward it, please know you are deeply loved by God. Please know that He never abandons you. Please know that there is hope and healing when we embrace the truth and walk toward the Light. Jesus comes to re-order our disorder. All of us are dis-ordered and we all need healing.  This is not an easy path, but the value of redemption and healing is priceless.

With the Lord, there mercy and fullness of redemption. (Psalm 130)

Wanna start the journey?

Same-sex attraction-

12 Step Programs-

Sexual Abuse
Restoring the Heart Ministries


Anonymous said…
Well said Sister!!! I am glad you posted about this. The world need to know of this from a virtuous stand point!! I will keep you in my prayers!!
Melissa said…
Thanks for leading the lost home, Sister. Leading someone out of the homosexual lifestyle is the most loving thing you could ever do for them. The "hate" comes in promoting and enabling a person's destruction rather than speaking the truth in love.

How can there be love in homosexual behavior when the God who IS love wants us to have nothing to do with it? The soul mate we all seek is Christ...and thanks to groups like Courage, people with SSA are helped, healed, and shown the way home:+)
Amen! Stand for the right!

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