Raking In The Dough?

In Part 2 of the ridiculous "marriage" drama of Kim Kardashian- she apparently MADE nearly 18 million dollars from her wedding event from start to finish. Kim has recently denied this claim stating she made no money off of the wedding and that she "married for love."

There seems to be such confusion of what "love" is. The essence of true love is not powerful, pleasurable feelings but the willingness to do what is best for the beloved. True love is not fixated on the masculine or feminine traits found in a body but reaches deeply to the person as a whole- a creation of God who is unique, precious and unrepeatable.

I found it interesting that the person quoted in this article speaks of how the industry makes money off of young people--

"But Gene Grabowski of Levick Strategic Communications said that the divorce could actually enhance Kim's brand, and isn’t likely to do any real long-term damage as she wasn’t taken particularly seriously in the first place.
“Kim’s quick divorce enhances her brand because she’s all about being outrageous and over the top. The divorce keeps Kim in the public eye and guarantees her another week of cover stories,” he said. "Kim isn’t taken seriously by anyone. Her life, like that of Paris Hilton or Britney Spears is a curiosity that gives everyday people something shocking to talk about at work, at parties or at the hair dresser. And it’s that surreal, vicarious, even reckless life that makes her image so marketable among young people who wouldn’t dare behave that way, but who are excited by the idea of doing so.

I would like to say "yikes" on so many levels just regarding this brief quote but I can't decide where to begin.

In the end, it will be Kim who loses in this arena, for she ultimately is not an empty image or a marketable product. She is a person. She has been created by God as unique, precious and unrepeatable. She is not to be used as a "thing" to make money and then tossed aside when she is no longer "useful."

I pray that she realizes this about herself- she does not have to flaunt or expose herself. She is loved more deeply than she can ever imagine.


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