The Hunger Games

I just saw the Hunger Games today. It's a very interesting but horrifying social commentary.

Here is Fr. Barron's take on it:


Paige said…
Have you read the books?
Not yet. May begin soon...
MMC said…
Thought Father would mention that we already have our human sacrifices in the 50+ million unborn we aborted the past 40 years. The "advanced" society we are in began in 1973. Thanks Sister Miriam! Happy Good Friday and Easter!

Amy said…
Hi Sister! I wrote a commmentary on the Hunger Games and I was wondering if you could read it and tell me what you think. I posted it on my blog here:
Amy, your blog denied me access! Can you help me out? It says it is for invited readers only.
Amy said…
Oh I'm sorry! I must have accidentally switched it to readers only; it's fixed now though.
Unknown said…
Hi Sister, I was one of the girls on the True Beauty Revealed retreat last weekend at Miracle Ranch (my names Emily, I'm sure its hard to remember specific people since there were so many there though!), and I was wondering if you had read this Christian romance novel Redeeming Love. I think its an amazing, beautiful book, and I wanted to know if you had read it or would, and what you thought of it. I hope if you get the time eventually you could read it and share your thoughts in a post on your blog here or something!

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