The May 1st Uprising Is Nonsense, Don't Get Involved

A bank in Seattle was apparently firebombed in "preparation" for a May 1st uprising being promoted by Occupy movements across the US. Think this is a grassroots, innocent group that just wants a little peace and justice? Think again.

Read the article about the Seattle bank here.

The Occupy movements who are planning to gear up again on May 1st are well-run, and well-funded organizations with one goal in mind: anarchy which leads to total chaos. They claim to want to tear down the system so true "equality" can reign but their methods are only to bring fear, destruction and insanity.

Don't get involved. It's not an innocent group of people.

Yes, our country has problems and yes, there is inequality and suffering but it's not the direct fault of a capitalism, it's the result of sin. Think a communist answer would solve the problem? It won't. Ask the people in North Korea how that's working for them. Oh right, we can't. They are under total control of a dictator and are starving to death.

Let's offer May 1st, The Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, Patron of the Family and Terror of Demons, as a day of prayer and reparation.  Let us pray for his protection, guidance and direction on what it means to be a true worker and restorer of peace.

Participating in violent uprisings will only bring war and more suffering. And there are many people in society who want just that. Why? So they can seize more power themselves. That method of resolution has never worked and it never will.

Remain steady, hold fast to the truth. Let's not be useful idiots. Don't believe the hype.


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