Referendum 74: Safeguarding the Sanctity of Marriage

Voters in Washington State- please sign Referendum 74 and help safeguard the sanctity of marriage. My deep respect goes out Archbishop Sartain and Bishop Elizondo for their support of this Referendum and for speaking the truth.

Here are some thoughts from me in video form--

 *Edit- when I am speaking about proper order, I meant to write intellect and will, not intellect and reason. Our intellect is ordered to know the truth and our will is ordered to choose the truth which is good. All of our faculties need healing to be ordered toward the true Good who is God.


Jeffrey said…
Sister – thank you very much for your thoughts on this. While I agree that what you say is the truth, I struggle with the issue of using political means to obtain religious ends. “Marriage is a covenant, not a contract.” While true, the secular world treats it as a contract and will continue to do so no matter what it’s called (marriage, civil union, etc.). As you pointed out in the video, people wonder why they need a piece of paper to tell them that they’re married. Restoring marriage won’t change this attitude of secular society, they will only see it as redefinition because they see marriage as a contract, not a covenant. The Church gave up control of marriage when it allowed civil authorities to perform marriage ceremonies outside the Church and without a priest; regaining control in this realm is unlikely.

Should the Church continue to proclaim the Truth and insist on marriage as a covenant between a man and a woman? Yes, it should. Will doing so cause civil authorities to adopt this definition of marriage? Most likely not. Even if civil authorities DID adopt the Church’s definition of marriage, it would be a semantic victory only: adoption agencies would still adopt children to same-sex couples, civil authorities will still perform “civil unions” for same-sex couples and traditional marriage will still be regarded as a contract by the vast majority of secular society. Referendums will not produce the change of heart necessary to alter people’s thinking about marriage (and abortion, and contraception, etc.); only by accepting Christ and the teachings of the Church will people’s hearts change.
Anonymous said…
You know, I work at a nursing home and today I heard a conversation between two elderly men that went something like this:

man #1: you know, things sure aren't what they used to be
man #2: I hear you. It used to be that one had to BE married before the kids come
#1: yeah, that is what it was for me
#2: me too. Now you have the kids before the marriage
#1: I know. What's the point of marriage these days, if the young ones are having the kids first?
#2: I don't have that answer, but I do know that they will learn our way one day.

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