"We Are All Nuns"...

An editorial in the New York Times claims that "we are all nuns". Really?



Mikki said…
I am sorry for Mr. Kristof and all those who are misinterpreting what the Pope is asking for and instead pit him against all women. He (Kristof)is doing the Church and all religious a disservice. The reformation for the LCWR is more about healing and love than anything else! The Church doesn't deny that these women have done great things for the poor but, (and this is a reminder to ALL Christians we ha)ve to preach the ENTIRE gospel of Jesus Christ and not just the parts we are comfortable with or are most socially acceptable. Thank you sister for addressing this. Let's pray that the women religious see this as a manifestation of God's love for them - that He never forgets us nor fosakes us, but always calls us to a deeper communion with Him.

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