Archbishop Sartain Releases Statement Regarding HHS Mandate

Our Archbishop in Seattle, has released his statement on the grave matter of the recent mandate from HHS.

Below is the link to his document and also a link to his column on this matter in the Archdiocesan newspaper--


Anonymous said…
One thing I do not hear or see especialy from the people most opposed to this MESS is that nobody is holding a gun to any WOMAN's head saying take thes pills or ELSE!
I understand the church position on this but in Oregon & Washington there is already something very similar and I do not recall a huge fuss over this.
What it all comes down to is to do what Christ tried to do and what got him into so much trouble and that is listen and talk to each other and not be at war over everything!
Anonymous- Good point, no one is making women take birth control, and there is no real need for the birth control pill, it's not a matter of good health.

So why should the Church, who upholds the sacredness of the marital act and the dignity of women's bodies and souls, be forced to provide something that is diametrically opposed to life?

It's not right whatsoever.

Shall we sit quietly under the guise of "peace" when truth is being violated?

What the government is trying to do is seriously wrong. You personally might not be opposed to contraception but I promise you this, if this mandate passes, it's a slippery slope all the way down to the gates of hell.

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