Political Pressure=Mission Accomplished

the Susan G Komen foundation announced today that it has reversed its decision to stop funding to Planned Parenthood. funny how the spokesperson for PP accused them of bowing to political pressure...who's bowing now?

My video thoughts to be published soon....


Anonymous said…
What, so now they are funding again? :/
Anonymous said…
You don't suppose they did this on purpose to get money? After all they did get donations. "Stearns said in a statement that he would continue his investigation. He said the donations pouring into Planned Parenthood over the Komen decision show the group does not need Komen funding."
I think Planned Parenthood knows they need every penny they can get. when the Koman foundation announced they would cease donating to PP, the PP spokesperson accused them of bowing to political pressure. But then, lo and behold, three days later, the Komen foundation changed their mind and said they would continue funding PP. Talk about political pressure.

Let's be very honest- the Komen foundation says they give money to PP to help facilitate breast exams, but very few PP clinics offer breast exams and usually have to refer women out of their offices for exams.

But if the Komen foundation really wanted to help women, they wouldn't give money to an organization that promotes hormonal contraception and abortion, both of which have been linked to breast cancer.

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