Contraceptive Mandate Response Update---

The White House announced today that it is "accommodating" religious objections to the recent mandate of forced birth control coverage in health care plans.

Read two articles about the "accommodations" here-

The Blaze

Read these articles very carefully and strive to understand what is really being said here (do i feel another homemade video coming on?)

Here is a comment by Catholic League President Bill Donahue. Whatever your personal opinion of Mr. Donahue may be, I think his comments are very correct:

“President Obama’s latest ploy just adds insult to injury. If the insurance plan of a Catholic institution must cover services it deems immoral, then such a healthcare plan is offensive, plain and simple.
The Catholic League, for example, uses Christian Brothers as its insurance carrier. So if a future employee of ours were to demand free abortion-inducing drugs, and she is allowed to request free drugs from Christian Brothers, then the rest of us would, in effect, be subsidizing her abortion.
This is outrageous and will not stand judicial scrutiny. When it comes to the First Amendment, there is no such thing as a half loaf. We want now, and in the future, the same rights we have enjoyed since the beginning of the republic.”

President Obama encouraged people not to let this issue be a "political wedge" (as if! Please do not insult the intelligence of the American people, Mr. President) but that all this is is just "basic fairness" for women.

I tell you this, please do not lose site of the real issues here! This is not about health care, this is not about "basic fairness", this IS about a political agenda to force a Church institution to against core beliefs that are founded in God. If this mandate passes, IT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING of further destruction of true freedom and respect for life. Let us not kid ourselves.

The government is not a benevolent institution granting us rights. God grants us rights to life and freedom. He created us in relationship and communion and love. We yearn for these things. We are not fighting people here. We are fighting principalities and powers. This is an organized and concerted attack from the evil one from the pits of hell upon the sanctity of life and the beauty and nobility of the marital act.

Let us not be useful idiots. We must study, learn, breathe in the Truth who is Jesus and allow the beauty of the truth to convert our hearts every day.

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