David Thies Rocks...

I absolutely LOVE this song written and performed by David Thies. I wept the first time I heard it. Rock on David! Check out his summer tour schedule here
(sorry about the earlier posting mix up! David does not look like Eddie Vedder....ha ha!)


Patrick Lavey said…
Sr. Miriam ... Thank you so much for sharing this video by David Thies. I absolutely loved it. Consequently, I went to his website and explored some more of his music. I ran across his music video, "What's In Your Heart?". This was exactly what I needed to hear at this time in my life. I am a single father, who just turned 53 years old and I am facing changes in my life that I never anticipated. David's song caused me to break down and weep; it confirmed lessons that the Lord has been ministering to my heart over the past six months about trusting in Him amidst all this change and learning to live Philippians 4:6-7. By the way, I made it to your blog spot after viewing you on the EWTN program, "Life On The Rock". I want you to know that your interview also caused me to break down and weep. Your heart, your story, your love for Christ, was just what I needed to hear on that particular day. I thank God for His work of grace in your life and for the reflection of Christ He is forming in your character. I love you in Christ. Thank you again.

In Christ's Incomparable Love (John 15:13),

Patrick Lavey
Grace said…
Sr Mariam You are an absolute joy, I love music and you have definetly picked a great choice, I was very inspired by what u spoke about on Life on the Rock. If it gives u peace of mind I am actually from Australia and I happened to be hearing you speak during my prayer time on EWTN just like Patrick Lavey I too have been very touched by your story. I will be praying for u always please keep me in your prayers as soon I will be very much where you'll be.

Lots of Love and grace from DOWN UNDER!
Grace said…
I LOVE IT! Just to let u know just like Patrick I too seemed to come across your wonderful self on EWTN. I am deeply moved at you vunerability and honesty. If it gives you any consolation know that God is working through you in many ways, to even think or comprehend the fact that he made u come to me in Australia is absolutely crazy. Praise God for things like EWTN and other NETWORK opportunities. I will be following and praying for you !

Peace and Love
Grace said…
Hey there
Love it! Can I just say praise God for networking opportunities and initiatives.Just like Patrick I came across the broadcast of LIFE ON THE ROCK with you on it, speaking honestly and vunerably about the true honor and hardship of being where you are. Wholistic beauty radiates through your whole persona. If it gives you any consolation it had reached all the way into the heart of me in Australia. Praise God!

Thankyou for you sharing

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