Monday, June 06, 2011

Eddie Vedder Sings Tom Petty

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder (and his guitar!) sings an acoustic version of Tom Petty's Won't Back Down

Cool stuff :) love how the crowd sings along-


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Miriam James, That is a great song, but I prefer to hear Johnny Cash sing it. He seems to sing it with more conviction and belief. I guess it is just my age. LOL God Bless, Sister Jean Terese

Anonymous said...

Hi Sister! A nun who likes Tom Petty! Yahoo!! Two thumbs up!!!
I really appreciated your appearance on Life on the Rock. Your story/wisdom resonated so deeply w/me. You helped me to see things, especially who I am as a woman, in a whole new light! Thank you to God for His perfect timing! Too bad you aren't speaking on the East you have videos of your talks? Take care, Susie