Plug Your Ears....

So, last night, I was somewhere in the city, minding my own business, when I heard this conversation between two men who were standing behind me. (my thoughts during this conversation re-enactment will be in parenthesis)

Guy 1: Dude, did you hear that Julie is pregnant with her third child? (gasp! not a THIRD child! nooooo!)

Guy 2: No way! Was it an "opps" pregnancy or was it planned?

Guy 1: It was definitely an "oops" pregnancy, her oldest kid is like only 2 1/2 (interesting reference to the child as an "oops")

Guy 2: Yeah, -laughing- that's definitely an "oops" thing (oh the horror!)

Guy 1: Totally....-laughing-

Guy 2: Man, after me and my wife have our second kid, we are definitely getting the surgery to stop everything -laughing- we aren't gonna mess around with that stuff anymore...
(ah, this is a very sad conversation, to sterilize yourself or wife as if you are mere animals, that is the horror...)

Guy 1: Yeah....

Then I turned around and said, "Gentlemen, MAN UP and embrace your masculinity and fatherhood. We need warriors and soldiers who will fight for life, dignity and nobility. COME ON!!" and then I put them both in a headlock until they promised to embrace their true masculine identity and read Theology of the Body from cover to cover.

okay, well, that last part didn't really happen, but their conversation indeed did.

I couldn't stop thinking about their conversation, even this morning as i woke up, I was just so struck at the casualness of their discussion and the conclusion that it is fertility and the natural rhythms of the body that are the enemy and must be literally destroyed. that just breaks my heart.

and this mentality is so prevalent and is held by an overwhelming number of people. why is this? because we don't know who we really are and what it really means to be a human person.

We have bought into the lie that pleasure is to be sought above and apart from the value of the person and so in the process we destroy ourselves and our children.

I am praying for these guys and for all us, that we would all grow in the truth of who we really are and the great nobility of masculinity and femininity.


Maggie said…
Okay, first of all, I love the idea of men living up to their potential as "warriors and soldiers." I meant to tell you because it really struck me when you said that on "Life on the Rock." It is awesome--both for men and women!!!

Second, my mouth literally dropped open when you wrote that you said
'Gentlemen, MAN UP!' LOL---I wonder what they would have said!
In no way am I implying that I would have spoken up in that situation...

I mean, I like to think I would. ;-)


I think if I were overhearing that, I would have to tell them how deeply we regret that decision that we made. :-(

We were not Catholic yet.

God willing, this will be undone eventually. Pray for us!
Paige said…
It just goes to show you how messed up our society is today, how very scattered our values seem to be. We are all for everything being "natural" and "organic" but only when it comes to things outside ourselves. Sad that women seem to have no problem putting chemicals into themselves to slow or stop the very thing that is built into our natures to make us biologically women.
Anonymous said…
Sister you are awesome! I will help you take 'em down!

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