Our Father's Love Sets Us Free....

Perhaps you have seen this video clip already but i just saw it for the first time the other day and I was so struck by the beauty of it.

in it, this little boy has just learned how to ride a bike and his dad is asking him how he feels about learning this new skill. The little boy's response is precious and inspiring as he mounts the grassy patch to give a speech about perseverance. I love it.

but as i thought about it, what the little boy is really rejoicing in is his father's love. Out of the love of his father, this little boy learned how to ride a bike. This little boy became free in a new skill because his father loves him and he is secure in his father's love and strong in it. it's so captivating.

this is indeed what we really desire. we desire that our Father finds us and embraces us and never lets go. When we know who we are to our Father, that He has never forgotten us, that He pursues and seeks us, it gives us the freedom to live in truth and to extol His greatness.

Two thumbs up for our Daddy's love for us! :)


Melissa said…
Yes, sister...when we realize that Our Father has been pursuing a deep, powerful, all consuming love relationship with us since the dawn of time...that He was the one who placed the desire for that "soul mate"...and that it is HIM? Game changer:+) The proof is everywhere...nature, the covenants, Christ...*sigh* How blessed we are to have such an amaaaazing Father:+) God bless!
Kelli said…
Hi Sister,
I am taking the Catholic Sexual Ethics course right at the retreat center and people know you! The internship is going fabulously! And love you. You are inspiring. Hope all is well! I will be praying for you. Pray for me. I hope to really observe and absorb all of this information. Beautiful place with beautiful people :)
Take care!!
cafehrhard said…
This video is perfect! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Anonymous said…
That was the cutest thing
Rick said…
I like your analogy between this video and the Father's love. That was very keen of you. :)

It compelled me to take it still further. The Father also teaches us. If we trust Him and open ourselves to listen, we can accomplish amazing things. Christ did not die on the cross so that we can lead ordinary lives.


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